Couture Spray Tanning

Couture spray tanninCoutureLady

  We offer an amazing spray tanning system which outdoes any other! 

The application is seamless.

It sprays smoothly and evenly onto the skin resulting in a flawless natural looking tan; whilst fading evenly.

Couture tanning solution contains a natural “guide” colour to aid the therapist with application.

The “guide” colour is so natural that clients can continue their day and no one will know they have had a spray tan.

The tan has a five hour absorption time, develops fully within 24 hours and lasts with care between 7 and 10 days.

A further major selling point of couture tanning lotions is the infusion of the fragrant ingredients citrus and green tea that leave the client lingering with a bouquet of natural aromas.

Couture tanning solutions come in 2 shades;
Romantic glow, suitable for pale to medium skins
Romantic bronze, suitable for medium to dark skins

Full body spray tan £18 (rrp £25)
If you pay for a course of 5 spray tans you receive the 6th one for free