Billion Dollar Brows

Billion dollar brows billion dollar brows close up

The only cosmetics company that is exclusively dedicated to eyebrows!

Eyebrows are one of the most important features of our faces – and yet they are often the most neglected.

Billion dollar brows were created to stop this neglect and help customers all over the globe obtain the beautiful brows they deserve, at a sensible price.

BDB developed a treatment that could help restore eyebrows that were thin and sparse due to over-tweezing and other maladies.

Hence, brow boost was born.   Designed to help men and women condition, thin, over-tweezed eyebrows, brow boost was an immediate success, garnering press attention on the rachael ray show and redbook magazine, and helping customers all over the globe achieve healthier, fuller brows. 

billion dollar brow boost
Within a year of brow boost’s release, a line of cosmetics was developed.

The original limited offering of brow gel and universal brow pencil quickly grew into a complete range of products dedicated exclusively towards eyebrows. 

The pencils, gels, powders and tools bdb manufacture are all made of the finest ingredients and materials whilst offering tremendous value.

Kerie hoy is proud to have introduced to the uk a fabulous tool called the brow buddy. 

Brow buddy is a patented tool which enables you to work out the exact shape for your eyebrows and will teach you how to maintain them between each treatment.

Billion dollar brow treatment; 
includes; tinting, measure and trim, wax and tweeze and application of fabulous make-up and highlighters

Brow gel hold and control! Will lock in your look, giving your eyebrows a long-lasting, radiant glow while keeping them perfectly in place all day.  Plus we guarantee our gel never flakes.

Brow boost get thick, full brows and lashes!  Our deep conditioning treatment is designed to help strengthen and condition thin, over-tweezed brows.  Natural formula with no scary side effects; prostaglandin free.  You will see visibly fuller brows within as little as 30 days.

Universal brow pencil; no more guessing games! Formulated to work with all skin tones and hair colours this amazing pencil goes on smooth and natural.  Perfect for creating beautiful, natural brows for when you’re on-the-go.

Brow duo pencil; two in one highlighter and concealer.
Get picture perfect brows with the secret weapon of bdb.
Allows you to highlight your brow bone to add gorgeous definition and warmth. Works with any skin tone.  Plus, for those on-the-go touchups, we’ve also added a handy universal concealer to the opposite end of the pencil. (great for spots or under the eyes).

Brow brush; applies and blends brow powder to perfection.  Two tools in one. The brush’s specially designed bristles allow you to create a clean, soft line that precisely defines your brows.  Blend the powder with the attached brush to create a perfectly defined arch.

Smudge brush; essential for applying brow highlighter.  Get your smudge on! This flat, synthetic brush is the ideal mate for applying creamy cosmetics like our brow duo pencil.

Tweezers the exclusive tweezer of the bdb salon.  Pure precision.  Bdb’s brow artists tweeze a lot of brows.  That means their tweezers have to be perfect.  Stainless steel and specially coated, these are the only tweezers that can meet our artists extremely high standards.  Guaranteed to grab every hair, every time.

Hint of tint colour and control all in one.  This bold blend of brow colour and hold comes in an easy to use tube.  Perfect for when you are on-the-go and don’t have time to apply powder and gel.  For a hassle-free, natural look, hint of tint brow gel turns barely there brows into wow brows in an instant.
Blonde;  very blonde to light brunetter hair colour
Taupe; medium to dark hair colour